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Our people

To create value legal service, a lawyer must have a great sense of commercial acumen, provides high service level, and delivers quality product. When you meet our lawyers, we ensure you will experience the three characteristics below. And we will not hesitate to make investments that our lawyers possess all those three qualities.

Commercial acumen.

Service level.

Quality product.

Our underlying principle in providing services is that your commercial goal is our goal. Our lawyers are not just trained in legal sciences, but equally our lawyers develop high commercial acumen and will always have good understanding of a potential commercial exposure arising out of a legal issue.

We will always endeavor to make you feel like talking to a human than an institution. We emphasize on fluid communication flow and strive timely and responsive reactions to your needs. This is ultimately crucial that our legal services accurately serves your objectives.

We do not measure quality from the ability to create prolonged legal memo and showering you with legal jargons. Rather, we measure it from how it can accurately serve your objectives while at the same time making sure that your business is legally compliant, and is minimized from exposures of legal risks.

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